Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wolf and Scavenging

We've got some more new content that's come in over the last few days to spice things up.

First up is a friendly new fellow, Andrew, at the Palomino.  This helpful, productive wolf is clearly very popular with the many guys coming to the club.

We also have added a new component to the game, scavenging events!  These are a set of events which can come up while scavenging as well as while exploring.  They are short and generally deal with the player scavenging to add more variety to this task.  You'll still see the standard scavenging results most often, but you'll occasionally see something new mixed in there.  There's new obstacles and stat checks for you to overcome or you could even end up in a fight over the supplies you want.
EDIT: Tossed in another two scavenging events, one in the Outside area (repeatable) and one for the Campus.

Some more victory/defeat sex was added:
There's a new player defeat scene with the Ash Drakenoid that may randomly come up thanks to a small donation.
In case you missed the update added to the earlier blog message, there's the now potential for victory sex over the Satyrs and the Greek Nymphs.  It will become increasingly more likely to come up with each victory you have after the third and is also driven by your libido.
EDIT: We now have Harpy victory sex and submit sex.  That's right, submit sex.

Darthan's written a Coyote infection for Diego to use, so now sex with the 'yote will be infectious as well.  Diego's tricks remain unchanged so you can still use that without risk of infection.

Kaleem's done some repair work on his Reservoir quest, so a lot of the bugs should be ironed out now.

A background update was made to the combat system and the last of the creature infections should be updated with the new critter table data.  This should be largely invisible to players, but can be used to make more detailed scenes and more precise post-battle scenes for events.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (0/2) - more activation time needed
  • More M/M content (0/2)
  • Christy / Athanasia (0/8) - time split between the two