Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sweet Victory and Crushing Defeat

We've got some new stuff for you guys to enjoy, foremost being the addition of some new victory and defeat sex improvements.  And don't worry, there's still more to come.  Here's a quick summary:
Herm Hyena: Defeat: A male player can now opt for either oral or anal.  Victory: A herm/female character may be driven by lust to ride the hyena's cock.
Bear: Defeat: Restructured the scenes order to provide more variety of sex and prevent blank outcomes.  Added an F/F oral variation.  Some design notes about benefits to losing also activated.
Gazelle: Victory: You are now able to catch every third gazelle before she can escape.  Options to fuck (if male), be fucked or leave available.
Jaguar: Victory: Option of play with defeated orderlies if your libido is 50+ (or 25+ if you're any kind of feline).  Choices are to fuck (if male), be fucked (sex or oral), or leave.

I've also updated the detection for canines and felines.  This is used mainly in the Veterinary Hospital, but also for a couple of spots like the feline detection for the Jaguar.  It's mostly behind the scenes background stuff, but it will keep things more accurate and presents another option we can use when writing.

Kaleem's added a Pegasus creature to his Warehouse District.  Be warned, it's quite powerful.  The first part of Omio's content has been reworked and added back into the game as well.  We're going to try building the other pieces back into it in stages to get it running properly this time.

Wahn's produced another pair of small events involving some more sexual escapades involving soldiers.

More MPreg content's been readied, with several more creatures and NPCs manning up to the job of getting you guys using that feat preggers.  Lots of files were updated, so it's too many to list here.

Also, the work queue is coming along nicely, so if anyone out there wants to donate to help keep the game running, your ideas should get worked on in a timely manner.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (3/3) - more activation time needed
  • More Leonard (0/5) 
  • More M/M (1.75/3) - unspecified
  • Bonus Hours (3.5/6) - Victory/Loss Sex