Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monthly Voting

We're back again with another set of monthly voting on the bonus hours.  For those who don't know, for every $100 received in donations - on top of the Writer for Hire work - there will be a bonus hour of work added in which the whole fanbase can vote upon every month.  This time you've earned 5 bonus hours, which is a little lower, but is still more than enough for some good content.

This month's choices are:
Akita - A female canine for the Warehouse District.  Infection makes you male.
Appaloosa - An athletic female mare for the Stables.
Black Mamba - A herm snake woman with a sultry, venomous kiss.
Bobcat - A battery-operated-boyfriend feline for the RLD.
New Heats - Adding a few more specialized heats for various infections.
New Items - New clothing, equipment, armour, weapons and drop items.
NPC Scenes - More work on scenes for various NPCs.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Alexandra (0/6)
  • More Bouncy Castle (0/6)
  • Artemis (0/6)