Thursday, March 7, 2013

Update and Con

We've got another batch of updates to announce.  This one has fewer items, but still more than enough content.  I also wanted to get it out as it'll probably be the last game update from me until sometime next week.

Alexandra: The Doberwoman cop is now ready and willing to get down and dirty with Fang - if you'll let them, that is.  There's a scene to get this content started, a threesome option afterwards if accepted and a minor feat for picking either option.  She's also got added conversation tidbits about a bunch more of the other NPCs you can gather.  This status between her and Fang should now be saved.

Eric and David: Another threesome scene for this pairing has been added, this time for the regular, accepting cuntboy version of Eric. (by Wahn)

Bouncy Castle: Another new room has been added with a fight against a pair of special guards who'll try to stop you in your task to free the [']princess['].  There's another portion to come with them that should be ready next week.

Artemis: The playful rubber tigress has a hankering for some more fun with the player.  She's now got a whole new set of sex scenes out on the town with you.  She's also got M/M scenes as well added to the mix.

Impala: There is now a male version to go along with the female version of this critter.  They can be found out on the Dry Plains.  (by UrsaOmega)

I'll be only intermittently online over the next several days as I'll be attending Furnal Equinox, mainly just checking the boards, blog and messages.  I'm a little leery of going around advertising myself as Stripes the porn game writer, but if you're there and want to meet up to chat for a bit, send me a message on the forum and we'll see if we can run into one another.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Bouncy Castle (4.5/6)
  • Artemis (3.5/6) 
  • Football Wolfmen (0/6)
  • Helen/Xerxes (0/6)