Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New and Improved

We've got another diverse batch of content, some of it new and some of it improvements onto existing stuff.

From Stripes:
- Bouncy Castle: The loop between the two new rooms now contains a pause, giving you a chance to take a break before trying to get past the orca again.  Also, the new special ending should appear properly now as well.
- Submissive: A fix has been applied to get more of the submissive player content to appear properly, so expect some little differences to appear in some of the existing scenes now that it's hopefully working at 100%.
- Blue Chaffinch: A victory sex progression has been built for this guy, allowing you to complete the first stage with him.
- Eric: Now with special variations to his sex scenes when he's satyr-hung, but only if you're appropriately Satyr or Greek Nymph infected.  Have fun trying to get them all.
- Giant: This guy is another critter rescued from last month's critter cage match voting via fan donation.  Sudden inspiration made me tweak the idea and I think he's a much more fun and interesting fellow for it. He's at the Zoo along with a pair of events for additional scenery and fun with him.
- Corota: This bifurcated, winged serpent has been elevated to level 11 to make a spot for the new Impala (see below).
- Dual Gender: Critters with two equal gender variations (ex: Clockwork Foxes) should now work with your warding selections.  Exploring should only yield the allowed gender, while hunting will give you the warded gender 1/3rd of the time so you can encounter them if desired.
- Single Sexed: This feat should be fixed and work for normal infection methods, keeping you either male or female.

From others:
- Warehouse Events: StripeGuy's unionized monsters are starting their work in earnest and have (between coffee breaks), continued their renovation work to the Warehouse District and a half-dozen new events have been added there.
- Impala: Another new critter from UrsaOmega, this female Impala's looking around the Dry Plains for a male strong enough to breed her.
- Eric: Wahn has continued his new update with the first of the threesome scenes between Eric and David, the cuntboy slave version.  It comes with several options and variations.