Monday, March 25, 2013


We've got an addition that some fans have been wanting for quite a while now.  Thanks to some donations from an eager contributor, there's a feat you can earn to allow you to swallow your vanquished foes - Vore Predator.

Here's some stuff you need to know:
- This feat can be found while out scavenging in the city, but will also be among those accessed after completing the Hospital Quest.
- Only foes of equal or lesser scale value can be consumed by the player.
- The opportunity to consume will be random out with it you'll be presented at time with the option to consume your fallen foe or continue with the normal victory scene.
- There is a rather extensive exclusion list and some conditions, but most foes can conceivably be given a one-way trip to your belly.  Vore will also not occur during fights within events.
- This feat will have your hunger grow at a greatly accelerated rate.
- The hungrier you are will play a big part in deciding if you'll feel the need to again, as will other factors including your humanity, the size difference and how many foes you've eaten before.
- Consuming a foe will greatly reduce your hunger and will also carry a chance to absorb some of their strength.
- Because of the large amount of nanites you're taking into your system, consuming a foe will result in infection.

Now, this feature is just seeing its first release, so some improvements and possible tweaks to how the feat functions may still occur.

EDIT: As requested, this is the current exclusion list.  Please note that this will be subject to considerable change as things are added and removed.
"Shemale Smooth Collie", "Raccoon", "Doberman", "Nightmare", "Sphinx", "Hyena Matriarch", "Blob", "Skunkbeast Lord", "Blue Chaffinch", "Mental Mouse", "Mushroom Men", "Sugar Ferret", "Rabbit Pack", "Peacock", "Dracovixentaur", "Dragontaur", "Vixentaur", "Yamato Dragon", "Yamato Dragoness", "Giant", "feral sea dragon", "feral sea dragoness", "Wyvern", "Awesome tree", "Hippo Strongman", "Mammoth", "Albino Mouse", "Xeno", "Tiger Cop", "Sea Lion and Orca Toys", "Siamese Cats", "Tentacle Horror", "Bear", "sewer gator", "Dragon", "sea otter", "Slut Rat", "Sprite", "cheetah", "Badger", "Opossum Sailor", "hermaphrodite latex vixen", "Wrestling Wolf", "Stag", "Wolfman", "Werewolf Costume", "Reindeer", "Triceratops"