Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Times!

I know it's been a while since there's been a content update due to the con, but I'm back and have been working away at stuff.  We've got another batch of things for you guys to enjoy.

From Stripes:
- Bouncy Castle: There is now another opportunity for another special ending., this time coming right at the end of the quest.  An extra half-day of time to get through the Bouncy Castle has been added. 
- Artemis: Speaking of the rubber kitty, she received another update, this time in the form of State Fair specific scenes.
- Xerxes/Helen: More content has been added to the humanized dogs, allowing you a means to make them even more awesome. 
- Septus/Jennifer: More content has been added to allowing you to try to become the team manager for the Football Wolfmen.  You'll need a cock, a wolfman body and to have fucked Jennifer a few times to open this option.
- Trixie: Nuku and I have performed some fixes and tweaks to saving and restoring with Trixie that should improve things with her.  Thomas, Septus, and Artemis have all been added to the save files and the new content for Xerxes/Helen is in there as well.

From Wahn:
- Eric and David: Wahn has completed work on all of the threesome scenes for these guys.
- Amy the Husky: A new NPC pet is now available by encountering the Soldier Squad again.
- Helen: The threesome between her and Fang/Felinoid with a female player is up.
- Ending Updates: Several of Wahn's critters have gotten some minor ending updates.  These generally add more gender variation to succumb scenes.

From others:
- Caveman: There is now a group of prehistoric humanoids wandering around the Museum with around 30 000 years worth of blue balls to deal with.  EDIT: I meant to mention that this was a creation from another fan trying their hand at coding: TheRecipe.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bonus Hours: NPC Scenes (1.25/5)
  • Football Wolfmen (5.5/6)
  • Bouncy Castle (0/4)