Wednesday, February 27, 2013


And we're back here again with another hefty pile of updates.  I'll try to keep it short for each one, since there's several bunch.
EDIT: The definition issue which was preventing the submissive content and some other new elements of the game from properly operating has been resolved.  This should be functional now.  Please continue to make us aware of any bugs you come across.

Stuff from Stripes - go me! 
Bouncy Castle: Two more rooms have been added here, one restoring the orca from the second version and all-new content in the second one.  A fresh contribution means there's more on the way, but I have ideas for more beyond that if someone wants to chip in.  Look for the vixen on the Beach if you've not tried this location yet.
François: Another sex scene's been provided for the furry French chef.  To find him, look for some gourmet treats in the HRD.
Hyena Gang: Added a pair of submissive variations on sex with the gang members.  There one for the player as gang bitch and one as matriarch.
Elijah: A pair of submissive variations for bad Elijah if you let him fuck you, one male and one female.
Siren: A DP version of its creature victory scene may come up for submissive males.

Stuff from others:
Eric: He's received a threesome w/David (by Wahn) and the option for a satyr cock (by myself).  There's more to come for both of these, but there's enough for you to have some new fun.
Grizzly Bear: A male ursine to be found at the Zoo, made by another new fan trying their hand at making content, UrsaOmega.
Pit Bull: This junkyard dog now comes in both males and females with a bunch of critter victory scenes.  Nothing new for player victory yet.  Written by Blue Bishop.
Zebra: A collection of player victory scenes, touched-up transformation and a drop item all courtesy of Wahn. 
Tenrec: As part of an urban planning push to revitalize the Warehouse District by StripeGuy, he's provided furry fishermen as a taste of what's to come from him.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Songbird (3.5/6)
  • Bouncy Castle (3/3)
  • Eric Add-on (1.75/3)
  • More M/M (3/3)
  • Giant (0/4)
  • Alexandra (0/6)
  • More Bouncy Castle (0/6)