Monday, March 25, 2013

More Announcements

 We've had other content come out in the past week that also needs to be covered.

From Stripes:
- Tristian: A revamp of his quest has been done and it has been added to the save game system.  He's been given two new sex scenes, which will appear over time.
- Football Wolfman: Endings to accompany becoming the team manager, or for failing in that task.
- Bouncy Castle: Another two rooms with new and kinky traps as well as another special failure ending.
- Alexandra: A scene for a female character to keep Alexandra all to yourself.  The scene with the male player's gotten a small tweak at the end.  Alexandra's found out about the old boombox.  Also, Alexandra's gotten endings.
- Vore: See the previous post for more details.

From Wahn:
- Helot: A new critter to go with the earlier Spartans, these guys are the (sex) slave people kept by the Spartans.  There's slightly different scenes and results with a few related forms.

From GentlemanB:
- Rex/Karen: A quest for you and Karen to escape from Rex the Retriever's control.  This has also been added to the saving system..

From Nuku:
- Hard Mode: The option to enable hard mode in combination with other play modes has been added.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Alexandra (4/6)
  • Icarus (1.25/6)
  • Vore (4.5/9)