Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A new book, can it be?

I have been approached to write a new book set in the FS universe. We have a group of survivors trying to hole up in a mall, but doomed to succumb to the spreading madness and lust of the FS universe, plucked off one by one to the mutants that call it home.

Prologue and chapter 1 is done, and we've had the panther taurs, husky girl, and blue gryphons showing up.

How does this involve you? Well! The author wants the community to pick some of the other mutants that get a chance to shine and get involved.

Current choices:
Mall Rat
Shemale Smooth Collie
Black Equinoid
Female Husky
Alpha Husky(One or the other, only one husky!)
Or maybe you have some other awesome idea? Post about it. Official poll will go up tomorrow and end on Sunday.