Friday, February 22, 2013

Beaver Fever, eh?

Grab a double-double and a two-four, you hosers, 'cause we've got another update with some new creatures for you.  Some generous fans put in a burst of donations yesterday, so I've set myself to work putting out the first chunk of it and I hope to have more soon.  Keep 'em comin'!

Komodo Dragon: This month's bonus voting has unleashed this toxic monstrosity upon the city.  You can find it lurking in the Sewers.  Beware it's vicious, poisonous bite.  The toxins will continuously damage you round after round until your body can finally purge it or combat is done.  This means the poison mechanic has been added to combat, so a bunch of other creatures might develop venom suddenly.  Remember, you guys asked for this.  Maybe one day, when I'm feeling benevolent, I might even make some antitoxin. :)

Beaver: A fan contributed to save this plump fellow from being resigned to the scrap pile after he didn't make it in the voting.  This means you're all set to get a case of beaver fever from some visiting Canucks who've found themselved turned into Beavers when the infection struck.  You can find them enjoying a pub crawl through the Red Light District in search of some proper beer.  I added a lot of extra dialogue and little scene variations for them, so you should have lots of fun.

Blue Chaffinch: The first section of new songbird is up and added to the game in the Zoo.  There'll be more to come as you later with the arrogant avian, but here's a taste of what's to come.  Now, you might find him a little tricky to catch once you beat him, so you might need the proper means and motivation to catch the escaping bird.

Other Adjustments: The Hawkman infection now recognizes your Gender Preferred choice and will adjust his targeted gender accordingly.  Also, the Demon Brute has been promoted to level 5 to help with creature balance a little in that area.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Beaver (6/6)
  • Songbird (3.5/6)
  • Bottlenose Toy / Bouncy Castle (0/3)
  • Eric Add-on (0/3)