Monday, February 4, 2013

This Week in FS...

Here's an update on the various additions that have been made to the game in the past week.  There's been quite a bit thanks to others helping out.  Way to go guys!  Let's keep it coming.

*Velos: A major project written by Blue Bishop and coded by myself, this new NPC accompanies you (rather uncomfortably) around the game.  This opinionated fellow will muse on other NPCs you meet and have scenes with them.  You can find this Strange Serpent down in the sewers under the mall.  Two things you should know:
     1> This content is not sexual in nature (at present).
     2> This event requires a minimum score of 200 to be encountered.
*Onyx: The sexy stallion's now up and ready to please the ladies with M/F scenes after bringing him back to the Library.  Blue Bishop wrote this content and I coded it in.
*François: A new NPC and location from GentlemanB, this cute canine is in some trouble when you first stumble across him.  He's been baking up some Gourmet Treats in the High Rise District.  Note: You can use 'Francois' or 'Francis' when typing his name.

New Critters:
*Goat Janitor: Brought to us by a new dev called McRabid (with M/F by myself), there's now a crotchety old goat wandering around the Hospital, taking offence at all you disrespectful young people making sticky messes he has to clean up.  Fed up, he'll try to teach you a lesson. 
*Spartan: A new addition from Wahn, these manly warriors are running around Campus as they try to prove their might as part of some test or rite of passage.  And they'll be more than happy to do you right in any of your passages as well if they win. 
*Goblin: While not quite new, the goblins now have female versions running around.  To go with this, the creature victory scenes have been expanded thanks to Blue Bishop's writing help.  There's a set of player victory stuff as well and I'll be adding that soon.

Critter Improvements:
*Snow Bat: New and improved creature victory scenes for this guy (M/F and M/M) and a set of Snow Bat player victory ones as well.  Thanks go to Blue Bishop for writing this new content. 
*Quilled Tousky: Potential oral or M/F creature victory outcomes are not mixed in with the more comedic possibilities.
*Trash Coon: Tracking added if you decide not to play with the Trash Coons so you don't have to keep opting out.  There's now a Trash Coon player victory scene for a neuter player now as well.

*Cum Load Sizes: A new subroutine's been added to let coders easily insert descriptions of your load size.  There's quite a bit of variety in it, so it should help spice things up once people start adding it in.