Friday, February 15, 2013

Combat 2.5

After some discussion with Nuku, I present to you another major revamping of the combat system.  It is a significant change to the mechanics of fighting that will allow for a lot more creativity to come, but should not throw off the existing balance between player progression and creatures.

Here are some of the highlights of Combat 2.5:
- The crux of the change is based on the fact that we are changing from a d20 roll to a d50.  The base to hit/flee numbers have been scaled up, so the core odds (60%) are the same.
- By doubling creature and monster base bonuses, the current balance is maintained between player and critters.  This means you should do roughly as well (or as poorly) as you're used to against the critters.
- Thanks to the increase in die range, we now have room to add individual bonuses and penalties to hitting, dodging, mind/will and fleeing to both sides.  A bonus to hit for your pet is also coded.
- Maximum hit/dodge/flee bonus limits have been scaled (with tougher limits for hard mode).
- Existing sources of bonuses (and penalties) include your weapon, equipment, feat combinations (Know Thyself matching, Black Belt for melee, Martial Artist/Bo Staff for melee), your companion (mouse girl), Velos and more to come.
- Pepperspray has been remodelled (with much simpler code) to integrate better into Combat 2.5.
- Existing alternate attacks have been remodelled (as necessary) and integrated.
- Your appearance now includes your weapon (for added bad-assitude) and a note if it's oversized or undersized for you.
- Weapons may now come with a small to-hit bonus or penalty.  They also come with size rating.  Using something too far from its size rating incurs a minor to-hit penalty.  New Weaponsmaster info to come later, but checking the object description as well as yourself should do for now to help give you a clue.
- Equipment can now be given bonuses/penalties to dodging or fleeing, though none have been assigned yet.
- The Anime Babe's interaction w/tentacle forms now includes bonus/penalty effects.
- Future bonuses (or penalties) may come from combat items, pets, monsters, infections, alt attacks, equipment...  Feel free to make some suggestions and we'll take them under consideration.

This update is in and live!  Things should be largely status quo right now, but keep your eyes open for any oddball effects and expect more bonuses and penalties to start popping up.  Some will be subtle while others will make themselves painfully apparent.