Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Wave of Stuff

We've got another big batch of stuff that's come in this week to announce.  First off, we've got another new coder who's appeared, StripeGuy, coming in to give us two new creatures with lots of character to them.  And I guess that leaves me with another guy for people to get confused over my name with. :)

New Critters:
Badger: First off is StripeGuy's first newcomer on the scene.  This big, burly badger beast's busily burrowing below the Park.
Ocelot: This is the first half of a new kitty creation (OMG! Stripes made a feline?  Stop the presses!) for the High Rise District.  A simple choice you'll be asked to make will lead to a big difference in how his infection and his many scenes will play out.
Opossum Sailor: StripeGuy's second creation, this aggressive female roaming the Warehouse District will keel haul you if you don't present your mast to her.

Critter Improvements:
Anime Babe endings: A donator wanted some endings for this one and I ended up in a really good groove, so I went just a bit overboard and made 10 of them (5 succumb and 5 survive)!  Gotta catch'em all!
Yamato Dragon(ess): This pair will now properly cross over between themselves for infection.  A set of drop items have been given to them as well.

Artemis: Lots more fun for the rubbery kitty, including many more scenes that you'll be able to unlock for her.  I've also given her a new ability you may find useful, both in the game and in unlocking all that new content.
Larissa and Dr. Utah: I've fixed saving for this pair so they should now restore properly so you can continue the fun with them from game to game.

Resting: I have made resting outside a little more interesting and realistic.  Now sleeping somewhere outside and unprotected may lead to some critter finding you, even if you've brought the cot along.  The cot still gives the best rest, but parking it in the middle of the Red Light District and taking a nap may not go ignored.  I hope to improve on this even further, but Nuku and I will need to figure that part out. 
Capitol Events: With Blue Bishop's assistance, we have a few more events to help fill in this area.

Also, voting on this past month's bonus hours has closed with the Komodo Dragon coming out on top.  Thank you all for donating and participating.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Artemis Pt 2 (5/6) 
  • Anime Babe (1/1)
  • More M/M (0/3)
  • Alexandra (0/4)
  • Bonus Hours: Komodo Dragon (0/6)