Friday, February 1, 2013

Bonus Critter Cage Match

After checking the numbers for this month, but it looks like you guys have earned another 6 bonus hours.  As promised, the critters who didn't win in the past are back again in a final, all out cage match to see who will survive and make it into the game.  There's plenty of variety in here.  Remember as well, the voting is multiple choice, so pick a few of your favourites.

Name your favourites and places your votes.  Post comments, or even commentary, and try to sway the rabid fans because this will be the last chance for most of these as part of the monthly voting. Starting next month, I will be starting up a fresh set of bonus critters.  And remember, if the one you want doesn't make it, you can always donate to get it as a normal request (or even request it with a different gender, as a taur, etc...)

Let the bonus critter cage match final battle can begin!  Let's get ready to RRRrrrrumble!

Beaver: Male. He's a pudgy canadian beaver, eh?
Crab: An armoured herm with juicy, juicy meat
Cormorant: A dark feathered avian female.
Dingo: A female, baby-stealing canine.
Elephant: Herm.  Bigger than the mammoth, but less hyper.  Still hyper, but less so.
Giant: A big, powerful male brute.
Hamster: A chubby female who is an amorous eater.
Impala: This spindly herm is a frantic coward.
Jerboa: An oversized male animal.  OMG giant cute mousey!
Komodo Dragon: A strong male with a toxic bite. 
Lemming: A kamikaze male rodent.  Aiaiaiaiai!
Magician: A male human stage magician.  F-Pref makes you his sexy assistant.
Numbat: A striped female with a long tongue for oral fun.
Okapi: Another herm for the Stables. 
Penguin: A dapper male bird in a top hat.
Quetzalcoatl: Humanoid snake w/feathered winged.  Herm.
Ringed Seal: A female ringed seal with a bit of pudge to her.
Stoat: A slender and flexible herm stoat.
Tree Frog: A psychedelic, colourful male frog with sticky fingers.
Urbanshee: A wailing female woman in a sexy dress.  Sonic attack.
Vampire: A sexy traditional male vampire - no sparkles!
Wallaby: A small and sexy male also able to access the Down Under pub.
Yeti: Female.  These abominable snow women are looking for mates.
Zodiac: A herm hybrid creature with a zodiac theme and powers.