Monday, January 28, 2013

Updates and Requests

Since my last post, I got a few requests and have completed them all, opening up the queue again for more content you guys want me to work on.  The end of the month's coming up, so lets see if we can raise those bonus hours a bit higher.  First up, the donation requests:

Rubber Tigress Pet: There's a poor kitty running around at State Fair in need of a friend.  If you be nice to her, maybe she'll stick around.  This is part one of what will be a growing project, but there's already a good amount of fun to be had with her.

Hadiya: The rough hyena herm is ready for a lot more fun with the guys if they're brave and slutty enough to submit to her tender, loving care.  Annoyed hyena to first find her. :>

Satyr: Victorious Satyrs are now willing to undertake some M/M fun with a Submissive/MPreg/More Anal player from time to time.  The more of those you have, the more likely it'll happen.

Those aside, it's on to the other updates we've got other additions and expansions to the game:
Your Charisma now boosts the likelihood of your children attacking as well, if they're scrappers.
Anime Babe: Normal player victory sex scenes.
Fire Elemental: Promoted to lvl 15 and given the fire breath alt attack.  The Flaming Lynx also has this attack now.
Corota: This strange hybrid with a bifurcating face is roaming on the Dry Plains.  She's a fairly powerful foe that plays rough.
Thomas: A new NPC from Wahn.  This black-skinned centaur has something a little extra under his tail after being on the receiving end of a centaur gangbang out on the Dry Plains.  Loads of dialog and sex options available with this one.

Event Consolidation: In an attempt to improve your chances of finding interesting content during exploration, a bunch of the minor and background events from the Outside area and the Park have been consolidated into centralized events.  There's still lots of events around, but this should up the odds of finding stuff of greater significance a little more often.

Writer For Hire:  Empty queue - get your requests in now!