Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Writer for Hire

It's come time again to remind you to donate to the Writer for Hire program to have your idea requests be added to the game.  When you donate to support the game, we will provide an hour of writing/coding for every $15 given.  The queue's almost empty now and so we're ready for more requests to complete the month.  And remember, donations also go towards the monthly total and there'll be a bonus hour for every $100 we've received over the course of the month, which are then open to public vote.  Even small donations add up to big improvements when people are willing to pitch in here and there.

Since it's the end of October, perhaps you'd like something Halloweenie this time?  Do you want to see more fun involving foxes, kitties, doggies or any other critter?  An NPC you like or you feel hasn't gotten enough love?  A new critter or new NPC?  More/better player victory sex or player loss sex?  A face lift for some older content?  Special critter attacks?  Heats?  A storage locker?  A monthly bonus option which you'd particularly wanted?  More work to previous requests?  Just want MORE!?  Make a donation, make your request and we'll work on it.

Stripes puts on his Hallowe'en costume.  He has a dirty trench coat and shirt.  Atop his head are a scraggly wig and and orange and black tuque.  He shoves a Styrofoam cup into your face.  "Change?  Ya got change?  Aw, come on, help a guy out here!  Change?  Look, we even promise to only spend some of it on porn.  I mean, that's what the internet's for, isn't it?"

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard (4/6)
  • Rat Girl (6/6)
  • More M/M fun (3/3)