Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dual-Taur? and More!

While I do not want to spoil the details, someone came forth yesterday evening to sponsor the core work for the Dual project, but with the request for taur forms and a different setup was arranged.  Another sponsor has agreed to boost that new version, putting the total up to 12 hours.

The original Dual proposal or the Multi one can also be done if people still wants to chip in for those or more time can be added to this Dual-Taur plan, making it bigger and better.  An earlier donation of 2 hours was given to be open for either plan where needed.  I'll keep that time available to help get either of those two off the ground, only moving it to Dual-Taur if unused elsewhere.

Aside from the news on this, we have gotten some new content and a couple of small requests, the first of which has already been filled.  The new stuff includes:
- Endings for Dr. Moffatt's Hyperskunk form have been added.
- The Ram and Ewe infections are now properly crossed, allowing Rams (and Leon) to bestow the Ewe infection.  The same applies in reverse for Ewes (and Mary).  Male/Female-Preferred feats will take preference though.  The infection forms have also gotten a few small tweaks.
Leon the Ram has now been opened up for M/M fun much with a couple of scenes.  A few other small fixes and tweaks have been applied to the New Ewe Store content as well.
- Variations for the Feline creature content if you've completed Leonard's quest.
- The MPreg birth scene has been fixed to actually show now.  I comes in progressive variations as the player's body becomes more used to their unusual ability.
- David, the rescued soldier, is now saved w/Trixie's magic word.

Thanks for the continued support.  Let's keep it up.  Donation's are looking good.  Let's see if we can get a couple more bonus hours before the month's out.

EDIT 10/28: Updated tally below.  The time remaining from the small Alpha Husky request will go towards Multi.  Getting close to the 1K mark.  Let's do it, guys!

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard (5.5/6)
  • M/M Leon (2/2)
  • Shemale Smooth Collie (0/2)
  • Dual-Taur (0/12)
  • Alpha Husky / Multi (0/3)
  • Male Squirrel (0/10)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)