Thursday, October 25, 2012

Variable NPC Projects

As mentioned in the comments for the previous post, discussion's been raised about an NPC with variable infection which the player can then control.  After some discussion with Nuku about the logistics of this, we have two proposed options:

Dual-form NPC:
The first is the dual-form NPC mentioned previously, whom we'll refer to as "Dual" for now.  Dual would start as a hybrid mix of two different infections, one male and one female.  With their two strains in conflict, Dual asks the player to help them.  The player's solution is to complete one infection or the other, giving Dual the appropriate gender as well.  Since these two forms are fixed, more emphasis and detail can be given on the specific transformation and forms Dual ends up with in the end as well as the sex scenes with him/her after transformation.

After reviewing it, I could try to do the basic version of this in about 8 hours, with a possible top up to make for better scenes.  The first branch hopefully would be ready with about 5-6 hours.  After the main work is done, extra time would add more and better scenes to enrich one or both branches.  Also, a third herm outcome might be possible for a few more hours.  Optional pregnancy/MPreg is another potential add-on.  Since Dual's forms are fixed, interactions with other NPCs are plausible as well.

Multi-form NPC:
The second is a multi-form NPC, named "Multi" for now.  Multi would probably start human and be holed up somewhere the player can find and visit.  The player can then take steps to infect Multi with one of a selection of infections from the game.  While not all infections would be possible, a large and ever-expanding list of them can quickly be made, taking part of their information from the table of monsters as a shortcut.  This data would then be plugged into a scripted transformation scene, description and variations for sex dependent on Multi's current gender.  Multi could be altered repeatedly over the course of the game to provide a myriad of fun.

A basic version of this with a starting batch of forms would probably require about 8 hours as well, with any excess going to expanding the initial set of infections.  More infections could be added rather quickly (several more per hour).  A little added work could even allow some of the other items (such as distilled milk) to be used on Multi, altering them further.  Once built, request can be made for special descriptions and scenes for any form of Multi you particularly like upon request (an hour a pop).

The Pitch:
I am interested in doing either or both of these projects and both have their advantages:
- While Dual has limited forms, the scenes and character changes Dual has would be more detailed and personalized to the form the player chooses.  The transformations would also allow for greater detail, which is a focus several want to see their player taking part in.
- Multi, while having more general scenes, would give players much more control over their form.  Multi's ability to be altered repeatedly increases the freedom of choice the players have, letting them try out several over the course of one game.

We are not necessarily asking for one donation to cover either of these possibilities (though that'd be awesome!), but having a few people chip in can work to get one or both of them added to the game.  And any extra can go to improving them even more.  If you want to help with this, donate and let us know which one you'd prefer to sponsor.  If you'd like either one, we'll place the time where needed to try and get one active, then the next.  As added incentive, those donating towards Multi can list some forms they'd like in the initial batch.  Donations to Dual can have their infection/personality effects taken into consideration, but cannot be guaranteed as there are only two slots.

Of course, other donation requests are also open during this time.  It's good to have a few projects I can swap between when I need a break from a longer one.