Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soldiers and Leonard Updates

We've got two significant additions that have been made to the game:

- The Soldier content that Wahn's been making have been further expanded, with you now able to return to the military camp that's built up around Diego's chef d'Ĺ“uvre against the military.  There's more content planned for this area, but there's already plenty to do.  As a reminder on how to find it, start by locating the soldier performing some 'Red Light Requisition' and then track down the 'Trickster's Masterpiece'.  After that, just check in 'Back at the Camp'.

- Leonard has another request to make of the player a day after his recital.  It seems things are getting tense in the park and you'll need to help protect your pride sisters.  And don't fret, the climax to this quest should be coming soon.  Just waiting on another donation to have enough time to do all its components.  EDIT: I almost forgot to mention that I've also made it so Leonard helps relieve your Feline needs for lion cock so you aren't swamped by males while hunting for more girls.

EDIT: Make that three!  I've completed several new scenes for Christy to occur after she and the player make up over the player's indiscretions with her trapped backside.  These will as variations among the existing scenes.  I've also increased the likelihood of the alternate scenes to show up a little so things will advance a little more quickly.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Christie (10/10)
  • Leonard (6/7)
  • Hyena Matriarch (0/8)