Friday, October 12, 2012

Heats, Hyenas and Soldiers

We're back again with more content for you thanks to donations and the monthly bonus.

This past month's bonus has been completed with the player now able to gain several new heats to make their lives har... umm... more interesting.  The new heats include such wonders as the Peacock, the Cheetah Woman, the Feral Sea Dragons, the Shemale Collie and the Horny Dragoness.  Along with this, some of the existing heats have received minor tweaks and fixes.  Let me know how they work out.
EDIT: More revision on the heats.  They should work even better now.
EDIT: Heats have been added to the Wiki, with details added to the individual creatures.  The general info still needs to be added, but the list is there.

Next, we have the Hyena Matriarch making her appearance as a character should the player lose twice to her.  She's got a large number of possible scenes available for you to enjoy if you become a good girl like she wants.

Lastly, Wahn has come along with another update to the fun at Camp Bravo, with more characters and more sex to be had there.  There's also some more dialog options to further flesh out the story going on there.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard (4/6)
  • Dr Moffatt (0/4)
  • Rat Girl (0/5)
  • Hyena Matriarch (8/8) 
  • Bonus: Heats (4/4)