Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skunk Doctor and Sea Dragons

We've got some more updates for you to enjoy.

First up is more content for the sexiest doctor in the game, Dr. Moffatt.  The sexy skunk shrink has more fun planned for her willing test subject as the fun with her continues.  Though given how you're changing, shrinking doesn't seem to be her goal here.  Her effect's also been adjusted, allowing you to resume your fun with her even after a long delay.  There's several variations on the fun to be had with her and more can be added if anyone's interested in requesting a little more fun with the not-so-little skunk.  If you haven't found her before, go looking around the Hospital.

Second we have an overdue fix for the Feral Sea Dragon and Feral Sea Dragoness, who've had an issue with the genders named incorrectly on their infections.  I've swapped a few things around and now the male will make you female with the feral sea dragoness infection and the female will give do the opposite in an attempt to make you male.  This cross-contamination will be overruled by the corresponding gender preferred feat or if the other version is banned.  This does mean that if you have a save code with a feral sea dragon(ess) infection, your appearance will be swapped around, but a little draconic fun will fix that up.

Please let me know how these work out for you.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard (4/6)
  • Dr Moffatt (5/5)
  • Rat Girl (0/4)
  • More M/M fun (0/3)