Monday, October 1, 2012

September Bonus

This past month's bonus hours were understandably a little lower, but I hope people will be able to continue to support the game and see their desired improvements and additions be created for the game.  The group's donations have resulted in another 4 bonus hours this month.  Because it's a little smaller, we'll focus on some different options this time.  The first four are new creature/infections and the other or small improvements.

Lemming: Kamikaze male rodent.
Magician: A male human stage magician.
Numbat: A female with a long tongue for oral fun.
Okapi: A herm for the Stables.
Alternate attacks: Create and give existing creatures more alternate attacks to spice up combat.
New heats: Adding a few more specialized heats for various infections to increase the variety of this neglected mechanic.
Scavenging Events: The creation and addition of more scavenging events to add to the variety while scavenging.
Storage Locker: Creating a storage locker to hold your excess items.

And please continue to donate to the Writer for Hire program if you can, as it helps deal with the game's server costs and expenses as well gives you an opportunity to commission content you'd like to see.  Remember, you'll get 1 hour of writing/coding for every $15 donated.  Even small donations can add up to big improvements.