Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mall Rat and M/M Fun

We're back with some more additions for you guys as we complete more of your requests.

First, Rod and Ronda want to thank you for helping to save her from those infected rats and have someone they'd like you to meet - a new Mall Rat who wants to be your girlfriend.  She's a fun-loving girl who comes with a selection of options for your special times together.  She also comes with the awesomely trendy Mall Rat infection so you can become a cool mall rat slacker.  To access her, you'll need to complete Ronda's rescue from the Slut Rats first.  Endings for her will be coming soon, but she's been added to the save code.

Second, a variety of M/M fun's been added to the game that hinge on the player having a given feat to access them.  These make nice bonuses and Easter eggs for players who choose these feats.

- The Alpha Wolf will now top you in victory when he smells your hidden womb.  Like his scenes with females, there's two variations on this depending on how often you've lost to him.
- Chase the Tiger can be coaxed into M/M fun if you've got this feat.  M/M sex with him will also push you towards being a tiger instead of a tigress.
- Multi-child ending: Much like the ending for female/herm characters, you can get a special heavy breeder add-on to your survival ending.  It'll also require the Fertile feat and the having completed at least 6 separate male pregnancies (not just 6+ kids, but 6+ male births).  To reward your added effort, it comes with two variations for you to discover.

- Candy will decide to top you 25% of the time instead of giving you another blow job if you've got submissive urges that need to be satisfied as well.

As well, there was a bug in the previous update to Trixie's save code which has been corrected, but means that both Drs. Medea and Moffatt were not saving properly.  You can choose to separate the two numbers at the end of the previous save code by a }.  Otherwise it should be reset by this update and save properly going forwards.