Monday, May 14, 2012

Psychopathic Additions

A crazedpsychopath (that's their handle) has been making some additions and tweaks to the game, allowing some customization of the game mechanics.  This has resulted in:
- Adjustments to the top status bar.  Your libido now shows up there and your freecreds have been moved up to replace the spot where the potential exits were listed previously.
- A 'I hate to wait' command which will automatically bypass numerous of the 'more' pauses.
- A 'I love to wait' command to reverse that setting back to normal.
- Two new fun feats: updated, see below.
Update 5/8: The Submissive feat now will have you randomly submit from time to time since you love it so much.
Update 5/14:
The new feats have been consolidated into one called Instinctive Combat.  With it, you can choose the command auto attack berserk (attack always), auto attack normal (normal combat) or auto attack coward (flee always) until you select a new combat mode.
- A 'the clears are gone' command which will automatically numerous screen clears, allowing more text to build up if you like that.  Use 'the clears are back' to restore it to normal.  Some screen clears are necessary for proper game function and will remain, but there will be a few less.