Monday, May 7, 2012

Libido and Masturbate

Fulfilling another donation request, this time we have an update to the game mechanics.  Firstly, the mechanics relating to libido have been reworked to provide some added flair:
- A more descriptive state of your increasing arousal.
- Your state of arousal is added to your groin's description.
- That stray period that occasionally came up in the groin description should (hopefully) be resolved.
- Scaled growth of libido from the Horny Bastard feat.
- All of this builds towards: A libido of 100 results in a messy, spontaneous orgasm that gives a little relief.

Secondly, to help you manage your libido a little better, there's something new lying around at Lisa's Porn Store.  She doesn't have any interest in it, so you can snag them.

Lastly, ground-draggingly huge balls are now possible.  They're so big, they make it harder for you to get around.

As the libido description is new, there may be some discrepancy between the infection description and the arousal state.  Let us know if this comes up and we may adjust some of them.  Consider the infection to supersede the general arousal description.  Also, let us know how the 100-libido overload works out, as various mechanics already exist to push your libido up.  If you're struck turn after turn with this, we'll look at the libido increase from those sources and may adjust them.

Update 5/8:  Customized versions of NPC action lists have been created.  They also will only appear within hyperlinked play.  For most characters, the added options won't appear until you talk to them or those abilities are otherwise made available.  Let me know if any problems occur.