Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More (Hidden) Progress

I've been hard at work and made more progress on our improvements to the core systems and critters.  Most of these should still be invisible, but it's important for you guys to keep a watch on things to ensure everything's still working.
- Improvements to combat seem functional, but keep an eye on it breaking or behaving badly.  Also, try the Bear and the Hermaphrodite Dolphin to see a small example of what can be done.
- Some of the new variables are being saved on the player during infection.  Please keep an eye on infection sources, especially those that force a specific infection upon the player, like Nermine's quests or Philip.

All of this should result, eventually, in a much richer game experience by allowing for more varied combat, the creation of more personalized scenes with monsters and NPCs, more varied enemies and much more.

Update 5/22: Combat's gotten another improvement, allowing the Peacock to have his mental whammy improved.