Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Donation Request Content

We have another batch of Writer for Hire content, folks.

To start off, the Hellhound content's gotten a much needed face lift.  The text has been reformatted, edited and grammarated.  There's also a little tidbit for Hellhound players who try to step on hallowed ground.

Second up is a new short quest for a new character running around.  There's a vulpine adventurer who's taken an interest in the Museum who wants your help.  There is more content for her to come, but I wanted to get some of it out for you to enjoy.  Hint: You have to visit the Museum before its possible to find her.

Update 5/2: Endings for the Parasitic Plant and for Joanna.  Joanna's also had her sex table updated for hyperlink/numerical selection.