Monday, May 14, 2012

Writer for Hire Update

With a new month rapidly approaching, I figure I should put this down here. There are things to be written, and bills to be paid. Together, we can make it all happen at the same time. The going rate is 15$ per hour towards the topic or scenario, old or new, you want written about.

All donations go a long way to keep us jazzed up and writing full speed, and it is both of our(Stripes and I) full time job, making people on the interwebs happy. So reach in, and show us the love! You can donate with credit card by clicking that button below. Or use the email to send paypals.

Do NOT include what you want written in the donation itself, send a separate email for that.

Thanks in advance for supporting the project and helping to make Flexible Survival even better.

Raised for May: 370$/1000$

I should probably note, email is ( Also acceptable for paypal)

Outstanding Orders: 
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  • Joanna(0/2)
  • Ronda(0/2)
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