Thursday, May 24, 2012

Corruption of Champions and Flexible Futures

As has been floating about recently, I have approached Fenoxo about making a multiplayer version of his game. Details pending on that.

But how does it affect you? Well, not a lot, immediately, but it does make me reevaluate how I present FSes multiplayer a great deal, and I've been hard at work refining things even as negotiations proceed.

To start, multiplayer now has a new flaw, Feral Mode. Think of it as simple mode. You take it, and you don't need to stress nearly so much on finding that 'ideal build', or knowing how everything works to not suck horribly. You also gain xp faster. Enjoy the game without confusion and as much grinding. Everyone wins! Playtesting is still in progress, but I've gotten glowing feedback from feral mode players so far.

Speaking of feedback, I like it. If something's confusing to approach, let me know. Ideally, toss in how you'd improve it. Flexible's all about change. We can make it better.

Another thing on the horizon that's of immediate care for you guys. I'm taking a whack at making the multiplayer have a singleplayer mode. That is, being able to log into our web site, than play a session much like the flexible on this blog.

Without slow javascript.

With persistence.

Without the need for damn save words.

Sound fun? Let me know.