Monday, May 14, 2012


As a special thanks to Wahn for his hard work and assistance with typo correction, we decided to do up a surprise gift to say thanks.  Taking his most recent suggestion (at the time), I've created a new Incubus creature that incorporates several of his ideas.  This has been coupled with the Succubus (who got a few tweaks) and is placed in the High Rise District.  They will use their lustful bodies to tempt and arouse the player, who can lose from lack of hp or excessive libido.  You'll find several similarities between these two infernal creatures as well as some small connections, as I took some inspiration from SarokCat's creation to help make them feel like they belong together.

Woo!  Also creature number 125!

Nuku's also put in an additional feature: All yes/no prompts can also be answered with a 1 (yes) or 2 (no) response, making selections using the various numerical options easier if you're using the number pad.