Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What, More Work?

Yep, writing this on the phone. Be back at 10sh Pacific. Feel free to comment ideas.(they make me happy)


  1. Well, since you asked..

    Why not let the creatures you become modify your stats and attacks more? I figure you are going to do something like this, based on the way you had the rabbit ears boost your perception, but, for example, the fox gives you clawed paws, so why cant those be used as weapons, or at least give you a stat boost? Freaky mutant mosters must surely be better at fighting..

    Also, a variety of scenes for the existing monsters would be nice. Its pretty good as is, but trying to play through as just male or just female can be dull.

    Two cents.

  2. make rod fuckable with a high enough libdo.
    and if you fuck while infected in a certain way (or maybe even uninfected.), make him "evolve" into a slut-rat.
    and again an vote for finding sasha's bunny.
    finally, the naga is a bit too strong, even when usinf the knife, though I haven't tried the chair update yet.

  3. I would focus on transformations having more of an overall effect on the gameplay than they do right now for the long term. Statistics, libido behavior modification; also more droppable items from enemies would be good. When you add a new "building" add more rooms than usual that each have a chance of an encounter on entering would also be nice. Specifically I'd like to see each stage of goo-girl lower int, and increase sta, the naga to increase str and lower per, husky to increase cha, and lower int, the fox to increase dex and lower sta, and the gryphon to increase per and lower cha. All temporary modifiers that you lose when you lose a stage of a creature.

    Also for wearable items, I'd like to see clothing, body armor (kevlar vest perhaps) that can increase hps, maybe temporary stat modifiers.

  4. The difficulty of the naga will decrease with levels. Maybe that aught be next.

  5. Is there something strange about the goo-girl logic? Occasionally I get the message of "The goo girl moves up to you and hugs you ... offering herself." and then nothing more.

    It seems to only happen when my libido is 40. Which is as high as goo-girl slap appear to be able to make it.

  6. temptation happens on the hug and when she falls down prone on defeat. a d100 is rolled vs libido to succumb.

  7. Okay. Well, if you want to know what I would like to see next (since you asked) is more libido-based effects. I seems like the Husky and Fox don't affect it at all, although I may be missing something. I haven't noticed the Naga's affect on the libido. Sex with Rabbit-girl and goo-girl drop it, good. Sex with the Gryphon appears to raise it to a max of 80.

    Defeating the Husky appears to give you a d100 against libido to get the sex result with the Husky, but it doesn't drop libido when you are done.

    Eating goo could affect libido, as could drinking distilled milk. Even things like combat could affect libido, losing a round could reduce it while winning a round could increase it, or visa-versa with the right transformations.

    Possibly the rabbit-girl's libido could be tracked as well, and alternatives to her typical reaction of "I Do have Standards you know!" could be overcome with a high enough libido.

    But as that's a lot of work, more monsters, places, and items with infectitem properties are always fun to discover and play with.

    But here on the East coast, it's bedtime. Ciao!

  8. How about making weapons equipable? It seem like it switches randomly between the knife, the char, and bare hands. It would be nice to have one weapon that can do a fairly consistent amount of damage, and be able to switch between them as needed. Also weapon stats like acc, deff, spd(weather u attack 1st or 2nd), ect. could add another dimension to the battles.

  9. forgot I had a question about gameplay, what are the commands for interaction with the NPCs? I can't seem to do anything but talk to them (and fuck Sandra), or is that all that I can do at this point?

  10. give x to y.
    The rat loves to trade.

    You CAN equip things, just use them.

    Knife and Chair both do more damage than fists, but are equal to each other for now. More exotic weapons await.

  11. I tried giving him stuff, guess i didn't give him the right stuff. I'll keep trying.

    I didn't realize using was the same as equipping, I'll keep that in mind.

    Thanx for the help.