Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Remember the name of the game? We just got real, yo.

You now grow hungry and thirsty. You can die.

Gryphon milk does count as a drink, to be clear.


  1. personally, i'd recommend leaving hunger/thirst as an init option until there are more areas the player can scavenge for supplies. seems like it might be tough to even survive until a transformation ending at the moment.

    also, it seems like the player gets an extra point if they return to the bunker, because starting in it doesn't count as having explored it.

    finally, eating goo should probably satiate hunger/thirst a bit.

  2. Needs some balancing.

    For now, I think I'd make any food/water items FULLY restore your hunger/thirst. Even deliberately hunting Gryphons, I can't survive. There's just not enough stuff out there.

    Also, commanding your hero to EAT FOOD or DRINK WATER doesn't work. The former complains that it's "secured in place" and "part of yourself", while the latter claims "there's nothing suitable to drink". You have to USE FOOD and USE WATER, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

  3. Eat food and drink water now work.

    You can also now technically eat knife and drink medkit, but I'm ok with that.