Monday, February 14, 2011

Flexible Survival

A new project! Flexible Survival. Set in another city besieged with the flexible infection, you will play the part of a man, or woman, who escaped into a bunker before it all went to hell. You have 30 days to survive, find survivors, fight monsters, try to avoid becoming a monster(maybe? Up to you). Get a score at the end depending on how well you did.

You can play it in your browser here:

Latex Fox

Trading implemented(give item to person)
Conversation implemented(talk to person, chat person, chat with person)
Two new items!(one gotten via trading)
Added a non violent denizen to the mall, go give him a chat at.
Sandra has found her voice outside of meeting her and mid coitus, feel free to chat it up with her.
Misc. Bugfix/grammar fixes
Fixed breast descriptions up to 26 inches(They get fuzzy past 26, out of letters!).

Donations accepted via paypal @ nuku_v [at]

Note: Are you an artist? Like the game? We could use a snappy icon for it! I'd love you forever. <3

Thoughts? Post away!


  1. I happened across the rabbit in the underground. When it says drifting the city. Just something I found.

  2. Alright, fixed for the next update! Thanks for the post.

  3. Another problem that has popped up, when it tells of the nanites working. At the end it talks about how you are distracted by doodling a big cocked monster. (#/100) That also pops up when you write in the journal. That's it.

  4. That happens if your lust is too high.

    No way to work that off yet, oops! It can get worse than that though!

  5. What exactly are you looking for in an icon, in terms of size, color, file format, etc? What would it be used for?

  6. For this blog, furaffinity, probably in game.