Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Food and Water

You can now find food and water while exploring.

It is not always in easy reach, however. Be prepared to climb, lift, and talk your way out of starvation, thirst, and bitter defeat.

Sandra is happy to help!

Goo is now edible.


  1. Thank you for this game and the active improvements to it

  2. Died of Dehydration, b/c I couldn't find any food or water.

  3. With the three given, and the exploring possible ones, and sandra? ( See most recent post )

  4. Yeah, food and water need to completely refill those attributes. Sandra only offers so often and resting would just kill me, both food and water seem rare in exploring, water more so than food. 'Give milk or give gryphon milk to rod' do not work, so no clue how to get distilled milk. I have died every single time since last night, unable to find enough clean food and water to survive.

  5. Have you interacted with the vending machine? Soda to be had!

    I just typed give gryphon milk to rod and it worked nicely, unsure on that.