Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rabbit Sisterhood

Sandra gets an update, and can now proceed with the rabbit sisterhood to the next level.
She will also now restore lost rabbit parts if need be.


  1. She slowly lies you down with a smile, looking quite relieved at your consent. She has you take off your clothes, then puts her hands on her hips, looking you over, "What?" she asked, flashing a grin, "You thought we were going to make out in the middle of the street? Get real. Come on!" she waves excitedly, and barely waits for you to stand back up again before she leads you hurriedly through the devestated city to a small basement door. She fishes out a key and has the door open quickly, leading you inside.

    Rabbit Den
    Not a literal rabbit den, a basement actually. It is warm and dark in here. You can see books piled in messy stacks, and a small cot set to the side. It seems whomever lives here is stocked for the long haul, with small bottles of water and packaged food up on a shelf. There is a soft, musky, scent in the air.

    You can see Sandra here.

    You run into a Hermaphrodite Gryphon. She is a tall and striking blue gryphon. She has wide hips and huge blue breasts, implying she leans more on her mammal half than her avian, though her large blue wings are quite a sight to behold. Between her white-furred thighs is a huge, knotted, black cock and tightly drawn balls. From behind, the pinkened folds of her female gender are visible under the lion-like tail she sports. Her feet are digitigrade, and sport huge wicked claws that clack on hard surfaces..

    As you can see, I got a random gryphon encounter while in the rabbits den after accepting going with her. Not sure if this is intended

  2. You ran into a gryphon on the way to the den, more likely.

  3. Probably, just looks weird. Like I am fighting the gryphon in her living room. I am liking the further rabbit transformations btw. :3

  4. How do I even start the 'sister hood' chain?

  5. I hate to be a dick to repost but I really should have said what command starts the chain.

  6. Annoying thing... if you start the "rabbit sisterhood" chain, and then get male parts (e.g. through drinking gryphon milk), then it immediately switches over to the "Sandra's boyfriend" chain.

    And Sandra doesn't fix your rabbit parts (or even give them in the first place) if you're her boyfriend.

  7. Uploading a fix. Sandra will repair your rabbit parts, even if you're sporting a delicious carrot between your legs, distracting her one track mind.