Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bonus Hrs and Content Updates

Voting for the bonus hours for the past month has been closed, with NPC scenes winning by a narrow margin.  The 5 bonus hours I'll be doing will go towards making new content for existing NPCs in need of sprucing up.

As well, here's a quick listing of the new content added to the game since the last announcement:
sub-Icarus: You'll now get a sex menu to pick your options post-attic.  More attic scenes have also been added, but due to poor planning on my part, they're very difficult to obtain at present.  They require huge balls (36+) and an avian pred infection, meaning you'll pretty much need One Way to get them for the moment.  The Feral Gryphon's also been added to the list of avian predators.
dom-Icarus: Another set of scenes have been added to the potential sexy times you can have with the now dominant passarine.
Teddy Bear: More Teddy Bear vore has been added, enhancing the existing scene and adding a second variation to it.  Teddy Bear endings are now available, including a special one if your humanity is too low after being vored by her.
Demon Brute pet: You can new get a special, one time scene if you've got the enslaved demon as your companion after winning a Succubus fight.  The defeated temptress, Lilith, will be impressed and offer you a means to change your infernal slave's gender.  Update by Wahn.
Sarah: The husky girl's bad ending has been somewhat modified due to the conflicts it would make with many other endings.
Female Husky: Her heat's been updated to provide lovers appropriate to your current area.
Saving: Alexandra, Artemis,the Demon Brute pet, Lilith, Felix, Sonya and Orwell have all been updated/added to the save word system.
Janice: Now accepts the Fennec as a valid proof of your vulpine interests.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Icarus mod (8.5/12)
  • More Artemis (0/6)
  • Teddy Bear (3/6)
  • New Critter (0/6)
  • Bonus Hours: NPC Scenes (0/5)