Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Regular Content Update

Here's your regular content update to keep you advised of the new stuff added or improved in the game.  The queue for Writer for Hire's looking pretty clear, so now'd be a good opportunity for you to put in your donation requests.

Steven: A new, alternating M/F variation.
Valerie: A new, random F/F variation.
Chase: Two new, alternating M/F variations.
Andrew: An M/M sex show with the enslaved demon pet.
dom-Icarus: Special, rougher variations of his scenes if the player's a predatory avian.

Teddy Bear: Player victory has been added and the endings have been expanded with normal and pure results.
Spidertaur: A set of player loss scenes that change and progress the more you submit, eventually becoming one of its favourite prey.  Also, updated endings.  Added up Wahn.
Latex Ermine: Player victory sex.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Artemis (4.75/6)
  • New Creature: Hydra (0/9)