Saturday, June 1, 2013

Game Updates

Here's a list of the new stuff added to the game recently.  Some of these have further chunks to come, but have got enough content for you guys to enjoy while waiting for the rest to be added.

- Artemis: Now we're getting into the third phase of the rubber tigress pet's content.  After you've gotten close to the kitty, take her to visit Lisa at the Porn Shop to obtain some special items.  Only one's active for now, but there's plenty more planned.
- Angie and Midnight: The pantherherm pair have been set up to save and restore more fully going forwards.
- Alexandra: An alternate, good option has been added to the Doberman Cop, giving you the means to potentially befriend her instead of dominating her.  No sex (yet), but she will give you some hints.
- Dom-Icarus: A branching path will now allow Icarus, after joining you at the bunker, to become the dominant one if you've not gone through with the violent attic scenes.  To prompt this scene, try having sex with him as a female or as something other than an avian pred a few times.
- Sub-Icarus: More post-attic violent scenes have been added, increasing the variety of your dark abuse of your passarine prey.
- Sugar Glider: A fun event with a Sugar Glider and a cotton candy machine has been added by GentlemanB.
- Viking: The female Vikings unleashed by Wahn are storming the Beach.
- Wildcat: There's been an update to the sex scenes you'll get when beaten by the Wildcat, added by Blue Bishop.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Icarus mod (6/12)
  • More Icarus (1.5/6)
  • Alexandra mod (5.5/6)