Friday, June 14, 2013

Latex Ermine and More

We've got more new content added to the game for you all to enjoy.

Latex Ermine: Thanks to a generous donations from a semi-regular contributor, we have this new female critter for the game.  Currently, I've only done the monster victory sex for her, as I wanted her released alongside this lovely artwork I asked to have done during Halcy0n's art stream this afternoon while I was writing her up.  It made for great inspiration.  Expect her player victory sex to show up soon.  EDIT: Updated image.
Artemis: The second modification option for your rubber tigress companion is up and running for you to enjoy.  While there's still a lot to do with this, things are going ahead steadily.
Dom-Icarus: More scenes have been added for the dominant version of your passarine playmate.  Just have sex with him a few times and they should appear periodically.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Icarus mod (11.5/16)
  • More Artemis (4.75/6)
  • Teddy Bear (3/6)
  • New Critter (4/6)
  • Bonus Hours: NPC Scenes (0/5)