Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bonus Hour Voting

It's that time again - Bonus Time!

Because only about half of the donations this month went towards me with the Writer for Hire program, there are 5 hours up for voting on this poll.  Don't worry, the other 6 bonus hours will be handled by Nuku.

Due to the concerns raised during the last voting, I'll be running this month's poll on the forums.  As you'll need to sign in to vote, it should be much more accurate.  If you don't have an account, creating a login is very simple.  In the poll, you can select up to three options and you may change your vote before the end of the poll.

Up for voting this time are:
- NPC Scenes: New scenes with the various NPCs in the game. Mainly sex, but maybe other stuff too.
- Pet Scenes: New scenes with the various pets in the game. More interactions and new sex scenes.
- Special Attacks: New special attacks for critters, some simple ones and maybe one or two sexier, drawn out ones (like Messy Pig).
- New Heats: Adding some new heats to critters to make more use of that mechanic.
- Stables Quest Repair: More work on fixing/completing the Stables quest.
- Endings: Adding endings to several of the newer critters which didn't get them yet and improving older, short ones.