Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pile o' Stuff

We've got another content announcement for you guys with lots more new stuff for you to enjoy:
- Flaming Lynx: First off, for those you missed it added to the last message, we have a new M/M creature living down in the sewers beneath the Mall.  No victory sex or endings yet, but those will come in time.
- Latex Mistress: Latex dominatrix women roaming around in the Red Light District.  They're a variant of the Leather Mistress found in the multiplayer game.
- Sam the Dual Taur now has endings for both forms.  Look for another researcher to find him.
- The Doberwoman Cop now has a third stage of increased lust the player can build her up to.
- Upon request, junking items (J) has been added to the inventory menu, so remember to be careful with what you click.  If you accidentally junk something you need, use undo to back up an action.
- Leonard: More mate sex for Leonard such that you should not see any of the old scenes any longer as the feline matron.  As well, some random events in the park will allow you to interact briefly with other girls from the pride.  Just some basics to start with more to come later.
- Mushroom Men: GentlemanB's back with another addition, this time a band of crude little mushroom dudes out to have some fun in the Park.  While weak, they've got a couple of new alt attacks, so expect a few surprises from the little guys.
- Mike the Stag: Wahn's added more to the content relating to Mike the Stag and his unusual 'dogs' down in the Warehouse District.  You should now be able to get one of his dogs for your very own, complete with your choice of a male or a female.
- Mannequin: Also from Wahn, we have a new creature you can unleash upon the Warehouse District upon encountering the Harbor Breakin event.  They're incomplete at the moment, lacking post-combat sex and some mechanics, but it's a preview of what's to come.
- Update: The trash/junk command as well as a new trashall/junkall command have been added to the inventory screen.  Use with caution.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Male Squirrel (8.5/10)
  • Leonard (7.5/8.5) 
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • More Wereraptors (0/6)
  • Bouncy Castle expansion (9/16) 
  • More M/M Fun (0/3)
  • Bonus Hours: Fennec + Victory/Defeat (4/11)