Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Content Swarm

Work has been proceeding apace here as FS, with several of the large commissions completed or partially completed while new ones line up to take their place.  Here's some info on the stuff that's come out.

Sam: Another researcher you can find out in the city.  He's working away gathering samples and running whatever strange tests his bosses want him to do.  But he needs your help finding a few things from critters for testing.  Sam now comes with two times the fun. :)

Mack: This energetic squirrel's got big plans, but needs the player's help to pull them off.  If you're interested, try finding Mack off in the Park.  He's got some fun times available now as well.
EDIT Nov 7: Mack's infection is now sent and active.  Sorry for the delay.

Wereraptors: Due to the nature of these creatures, they're unleashed by finding the paleontology professor on the College Campus. Since they've got some unique mechanics, be on the look out for bugs, but don't be surprised if things don't quite happen as you'd normally expect either.  You might just have to wait a while to see what happens to you.

The Wereraptor content itself is not currently being saved by Trixie's code.  For the moment, this means you can enjoy it and not to worry about it the next time you restore in a fresh game.  Trixie is prepared and it should not interfere with her regular saving and restoration via the magic word.

Mike: Wahn's got another project he's put out for you to enjoy.  There is a stag down in the Warehouse District doing some dog walking his rather unusual dog.

Inventory: EDIT Nov 7: Inventory updating continues completed.  Please be on the look out for continued bugs.  The combat item system has been updated to show the number of a given item in your inventory.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Dual-Taur (11/12)
  • Male Squirrel (8.5/10)
  • Wereraptors (6/6)
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • Leonard (0/8.5) 
  • M/F NPC fun (0/1)
  • Bouncy Castle expansion (0/10)
  • Doberwoman Cop (0/6)
  • More M/M fun (0/3)
  • Creature Import (0/3)