Thursday, November 1, 2012

Content Started & Trixie Cheats

I have gotten a start on two of the major projects and they seem to be proceeding well.  To find the new guys, go look around for another researcher around town or try finding Mack out at the park.  The fun stuff's not really kicked in with either of them yet, but you can get a sneak peek.

Trixie Cheats:
Taking some suggestions from a commenter, Trixie's been given a iwannacheat command, with which you can gain access to some minor cheats to boost yourself.  Automatic Survival and Unerring Hunter have been moved here so they no longer take feat slots and a few others have been added.  The playon option can now be managed by Trixie as well.  As well, these cheat abilities can be turned on and off using this menu, though turning them back off will only restore half of their score penalty.

If you have the Unerring Hunter cheat active, you have access to the huntinglist command, which will make a hyperlink list of all creatures in your current area to save you typing.  This is displayed in the command link section as [Hunt].