Sunday, November 18, 2012


And here it is, making its debut with the awesome new beach content (see the previous post) is a mechanic loads of you have been requesting for a long time.  There is now a means for players to set their desired level of anal play content.  You can access this by typing adjust anal (or one of several variations thereof) or by accessing it via Trixie's cheat menu (iwannacheat) if you forget the direct command.  You can toggle this value freely during the course of the game between:
- Less Anal: In scenes designed to detect it, you may skip or receive an alternate scene instead of anal sex or anal play.
- Standard: The normal level of anal sex and only some scenes of other forms of anal play.
- More Anal: Recieve anal sex scenes more often or even special anal sex scenes where ones normally don't occur.  Also, scenes may have portions with added anal play elements or greater detail added to them.

Just to emphasize it, these are More and Less (not Always and Never) and the other party involved may have their own preferences and say in the matter.  Context will also affect whether and how these may take influence scenes.  Certainly don't expect a straight or gay NPC to act out of character if you solicit them for sex, for example.

Currently, only a little content in addition to stuff added during the new mega beach update uses this mechanic.  Some of the recent content from the past week or so secretly already includes features using it in preparation of the announcement, so go back and try them again too!  A few other bits will show up from time to time as work progresses as the game continues to get better and better week by week.

NOTE: For the sanity and continued good will of the dev team, we please ask you NOT to make posts with requests/complaints about any given scene/creature/NPC lacking these features.  I do plan on asking for your requests periodically in the future, but until then, we instead hope you will enjoy the shifts when and where they come as an overall gradual improvement to your experience with us.  At 24+ MB of game and growing, we will provide these updates as we will between our other projects.  Newer content is more likely to take these into account, at the dev's discretion.

If you do want work done towards implementing this further, you may put a donation to the Writer for Hire program towards this. You may ask for work to be added towards your preferred setting if you'd like.  You might also ask that the update be applied to specific content or in general.  Some restrictions in what can be done may apply in certain cases, but we will be happy to do what we can.