Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mega Beach Party

Mega Beach Party!!!

Blue Bishop, a new writer for the game has been working with me in secret on a big surprise update and it's finally done.  Here you go guys!  An update to nearly every creature in the beach area all at once!  Time for a righteous beach party with all the wet and wild creatures.  Break out your tanning lotion and get yourselves oiled up for some fun times.
- The feral sea dragons are wild and making waves with lots of new and improved player defeat scenes as well as fresh, new and varied succumb endings.  Definitely the stars of the show, they've got lots of new fun for you to explore after having received an almost complete rewrite and expansion.
- The moth girl, in need of major retooling for a long while, came in for a fresh coat of mind-affecting dust.  She's traded in her old, feat-ignoring abilities and has gotten new and improved sexy times.  But be careful, she's still hung on to a few of those blue pills for herself and is more than willing to show you that this little girl's hiding a big (and sometimes hard) dominant streak.
- The pirate sharks are now willing and able to plunder a man's booty, if they are so inclined.
- Not to be out done by sharks, the killer whales have an anal option as well as new and improved scenes for both victory (for Killer Whale players) and defeat sex.  There's also a new ending for a dominant female.
- The cute and playful squid girl has gotten a major rewrite, with her sexy fun expanded with lots more detail on all those fun things she does with her many tentacles to defeated players.
- The otters, already having lots of playful fun they can do, have added one more, rimming the player if they're so inclined.

Other additions:
- And while strictly not at the Beach area, but instead by the waterfront at the Warehouse District, Mike the Stag is now infectious.
- The Bear, always fond of fish, has received a promotion and is now level 7.
- And now, straining my ability to tie it back in, those late night (party) animals - the Wereraptors - have received another update with a wild, feral rampage mechanic, wereraptor on wereraptor sex scenes and conversation tie-ins for Dr. Moffatt and Nermine.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Male Squirrel (8.5/10)
  • Leonard (7.5/8.5) 
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • Bouncy Castle expansion (9/16) 
  • More M/M Fun (0/3)
  • Bonus Hours: Fennec + Victory/Defeat (7/11)