Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Bonus Hours

You guys... Wow!  11 bonus hours for this past month.  I'm going to be a busy tiger, but you guys deserve it.  And to celebrate (and save what little sanity remains in my poor, feline noggin) we'll be giving you the top two choices from this month's bonus poll.  That way you get two things you like and I get a couple quicker of things to break up the work on the big stuff.  We've got a shorter list this time with an emphasis on creatures with three older options that did well and three new ones.

Amazonian: A tough warrior-woman who'll take what she wants.
Fennec: A small male fox with tan fur and large ears.
Okapi: A slender, sultry herm for the Stables.
Penguin: A dapper male bird in a top hat.
Quetzalcoatl: Humanoid snake w/feathered winged.  Herm.
Ringed Seal: A female ringed seal with a bit of pudge to her.

Victory/Defeat Sex: More/improved victory/defeat scenes.
More Special Attacks: New Alt-Combat attacks.
Storage Locker: Creating a storage locker to hold your excess items.