Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Critter Stuff and Dual-Taur Update

We've got some more fun stuff for you guys, gals and all shades in between.  Most of the updates this time deal with creatures.
- Fennec: Having dealt with the large set of requests, I've done the Fennec creature selected for the bonus hours.  No endings yet and there's room for more victory sex options, but he's got a considerable variety of player defeat scenes to make up in part for that.  You can find him out on the Dry Plains.
- Spidertaur: A new creature unleashed in the Warehouse District by Wahn.  Bearing similarities to the Spidergirl, this male creature's much stronger and should be approached with caution and a very large can of Raid.
- Mannequin: These creatures now actively steal a player's gender along with their form, working to turn the player neuter.  Be advised that a lot of the content, especially older content, does not react accurately to the player being genderless, so anticipate getting male/female scenes if you allow them to fully rob you of your genitals.  As a reminder, they unleashed upon the Warehouse District by the Harbor Breakin event.
- Sam the Dual-Taur: You now may find yourself presented with the option to give Sam the Dragontaur the other vial you didn't use after you've had several romps with the dragon.  This will result in a new, third form for Sam.  Currently, this is only available from the direction of Sam being the dragontaur.  Trying this, regardless of outcome, also unleashes a new Dragontaur creature into the game.

Writer For Hire update:
And now that I've cleared out most of the queue before the end of the month, it's time again to remind you to donate ($15 = 1 hr of writing).  With the list short and the end of the month coming fast, now's the time to get your requests in to boost the bonus hours and get a quicker turnaround on your request.  As well, I'll remind you that a little more time's needed to get the Multi project started.  Even if you can only give an hour or two, it'll be a big help.  Also, those donating to Multi can add a few suggestions for creatures to come in the first batch of forms.
  • Leonard (0/0.25 remainder) 
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • Wereraptor Pt 3 (0/6)