Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clearing the Stack

More progress on our recent commissions has all of the outstanding requests completed, leaving us open for a request someone else has made.  But just because that one's big doesn't mean there's not room for more.  Just donate to the Writer for Hire program and add it to the project list.  It's preferable to have a variety of requests to work on as a break from a bigger one.

The recent updates include:
Blanche will occasionally give the player a blow job for added variety after the first few fuckings.

Leonard's content has been continued further, with a special scene after you've helped the handsome lion gather up a few more kitties.  As well, the Feline Nursing mechanic has been changed from a heat to a more generalized system.  With it, the player can now end up with a suckling Feline as long as they have breasts.  Note: The existing sex scenes with Leonard have not be altered, so some scenes with him and a nursing Feline may assume you also have a pussy.

Elijah have been given a few more interactions, this time with Fang and Honey.  If people would like some Elijah and Fang threesome content, a donation towards an hour or two could make it happen now that the setup is there.

Wahn's added another soldier event, allowing you to meet up with the one soldier if you managed to save him from the demon.

Creature changes: The Red Kangaroo has a cartoonish alt-attack where she double-kicks you for increased damage.  She's also received some small stat tweaks.  The Latex Wolf's has received some minor stat tweaks as well.  The Cock Cannon's attack has been adjusted into an alt attack that has a special mechanic for each stage.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Christie (0/10)