Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Summary

More new stuff and more improved stuff for you guys:
- Blanche, a female white wolf, is in need of rescue from a lustful Drakenoid.

- A new, powerful Behemoth walks the Dry Plains.
- A few more minor armour items have been added around the game.
- Elijah's been upgraded to accept any existing form of milk as part of his cure, even allowing you to pick the type to use.
- More repairs to the Homaru the informant, improving the overall function of the Firefighter quest.
- Potential for a variety of victory sex scenes w/Alpha Wolf (after a couple of defeats).
- You may attempt to distract the Raccoon and herm Vixen Nurse from fucking you by offering oral sex instead.  Note the use of the word attempt.
- Lots of other victory/defeat scenes have received minor touch-ups and improvements, mainly making them more personalized to the player's appearance.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (2/2) - one more hour needed?
  • Wolf Rescue (5/6)
  • Moar Leonard (0/5)
  • More Andrew (0/3) 
  • Bonus Hours - Victory/Defeat (5.5/6)